Blog 2.

Location: Tacoma, WA - Building Your Brand.

If you asked me for advice when it comes to being a photographer…

I’d tell you to “Shoot what you’re passionate about.”

Whether it be your family, your dog, the city you live in, your significant other, etc. The picture becomes more meaningful for viewers. You tend to create something beautiful when capturing the people you love or capturing the things you love to do. FACTS.

When I started out with photography.. I was just shooting portraits and cityscapes with the mindset to “make enough money to quit my day job.” THAT.. is where I went wrong. I wasn’t focused on building a brand or a signature look for my photography.

“I had people posing for pictures just like everyone else, editing photos with the same style as everyone else, and taking photos of my city the way everybody else did.”

Food for thought.

My mindset changed after I found mentorship with whom I admired in street style. I focused more on shooting the people that I love and involving myself in the community that I enjoy capturing, which gave me the confidence to be more of a director with how I want my photos to look. This became a habit and opened doors for me to venture in to find my style. Essentially this leads up to building YOUR brand. As for me?


The forefront so simple, but after you dabble into who and what “K.” represents there’s more to the picture than you think. 

After 2 years of growth. You can tell the difference in my photos… hands down. I get more excited to share with all of you what I have created behind the lens because of how far my photography has come!


Blog 1.

Location: Seattle, WA - The Spheres - Streetmeetwa
”Bringing creatives together”.

Krista Armstead


I often find myself shy in new settings or doing things for the first time. Finding the confidence to approach people for their time was nerve wracking for me. But I’m happy that I did!! I met some incredible people and together we created some fiyahhhh. Whenever you feel like you’re unsure about stepping outside of your comfort zone - JUST DO THAT DAMN THING!



I have a hard time in front of the camera.. a little awkward and I tend to move too much (smh). But my inspiration comes from the models. I feed off of their energy and their attitude in front of the lens.